Triangles International Trade Co Ltd.

Integrovaná technická inspekce spol. s r.o. ESBOC Asociace soukromých bezpečnostních služeb ČR Komora podniků komerční bezpečnosti Český klub bezpečnostních služeb o.s. Česká komora služeb ochrany majetku a osob CZECHOSLOVAK REAL - „ČSR“ je česko slovenská poradenská společnost, specializující se na oblast real estate a security management. Združenie Ochrany Majetku a Osôb (ZOMO)
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About us

Dressing is a science and art even in everyday life. If we are using the specifics from the field of personal and property protection, we get a picture puzzle with a very demanding solution. Where is the biggest problem? All we need to do is to closer describe the demands on clothing for “surveillance” and detective services according to performance of the respective profession. The workers when performing the service must move around in premises starting with highly prestigious ones, up to hard terrains under various climactic conditions in all seasons during the year. A delicacy for the designers is the requirement for the worker to look presentable, elegant, but… 

  • in case of a physical performance the apparel must be sturdy and not restrict motion
  • personal and technical resources must be easily positioned, reachable and then usable (including weapons)
  • content of pockets even when subdued to extreme motion bust remain firmly in place
  • in physical contact with obstacles or an offender the apparel must be a protection from extreme effect of forces and decrease the possibility of being grasped or caught when overcoming obstacles

But mainly! We still have to be aware of the fact that here we have work clothing, the price of which in no way can surpass ready-made clothing. Several manufacturers on the Czech market are tackling this problem of demands on security clothing. One of them is a company called TRIANGLES International Trade Co Ltd s.r.o. It is no novice to this field. It is operating in the Czech Republic for a tenth year already. It has such a broad selection that it can dress employees literally from head to toe, including shoes and accessories. Color options are of course a given. If a specific shade or alteration would be missing in the standard selection, variation can be provided on demand. Insignias, embroideries or prints can be provided according to submitted templates for completions. This specific clothing apparel has lately become popular even with workers from other professions, which were kind of overlooked in the common selection.

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